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Prenup Financial Agreements – What is a prenup?

Financial Agreements made before marriage are more commonly known as prenuptial agreements or ‘prenups’.

Essentially a prenup is a practical plan for how the assets, debts and other matters to do with the marriage will be dealt with if the relationship breaks down.

Putting an agreement in place gives the couple peace of mind and offers certainty about the future. It stops niggling doubts and settles the “what happens if?” questions.

No need to go to Court

Getting married prenup agreement

A prenup takes care of the financial and practical matters of your future life together.

A prenup agreement is an alternative to court action. It is a method for the parties to negotiate a settlement of their family issues in the event of future separation. This means that, at least insofar as they concern money and spousal maintenance issues, the couple have resolved those questions in advance without needing the court to impose a solution.

Financial agreements can reassure and comfort people entering marriage. They are recognised and enforceable under Section 90B of the Family Law Act 1975 (cth) and can save you time, money and heartache.

Common issues dealt with in a Prenup Agreement

Couples marrying later in life or for the second or third time often need to consider more complicated issues such as the provision for children, the protection of assets and the protection of inheritances.

  • Provision for children
    People with children from prior marriages or relationships often wish to ensure that they protect certain assets from claim, preserving those assets for the benefit of their children. Putting an agreement in place has the added benefit of relieving some of the tensions that may arise when children see the new spouse as a threat to their inheritance.
  • Protection of Assets
    Partners often wish to maintain control over their own finances, businesses, houses or investments. Putting a written agreement in place that determines in advance what’s yours, mine and ours reduces the possibility of such issues becoming the cause of a relationship breakdown and can actually strengthen the relationship.
  • The Protection of an Inheritance
    Binding Financial Agreements (BFA) are an essential tool, particularly in cases where the spouse to be is likely to inherit family owned property or wealth from the rich uncle. As part of an overall strategy to maintain control of family owned assets, a BFA will ensure your family wealth remains with the family members and not shared with an estranged partner.

Getting Married Soon?

IMPORTANT! – it is inadvisable to enter a prenup agreement within four weeks of your wedding. You won’t find this warning anywhere in the Act, it’s just something our lawyers believe could go to proving undue influence.

If you are running out of time and cannot formalise the prenup before the big day, then you can always make a postnuptial agreement after the wedding, which will work just as effectively as a prenup.

Important Note Important note : Section 90G of the Family Law Act requires that each party to the agreement receive independent legal advice before the agreement has any legal force.  Our affordable Legal Review Package provides you and your partner with professional legal advice to ensure your agreement is binding

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Sample Prenup Agreement Excerpt

prenup financial agreement

Pre nup agreement Sample Excerpt

assetts and liabilities


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Important – Required Legal Advice

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