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IMPORTANT! Financial Agreements only become Legally Binding when each party has received Certified Independent Legal Advice - Click Here for More Information

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Same Sex Cohabitation (living together) or defacto Agreement

Same sex couples who are living together can now make a financial agreement that will protect their assets and financial resources in the event of a separation.

By making a cohabitation agreement now, you can quarantine certain assets from litigation during a property settlement, which can have a surprisingly positive effect on how secure one might feel in the relationship. This is particularly true if one partner has significant assets and the other does not.

Your financial agreement allows you to decide what you think would be a fair and equitable distribution of property in the event of separation instead of leaving it up to the courts.

You can choose to deal with all of your financial interest now or you may choose to deal with a single asset like a family farm, a business or an inheritance.

same sex cohabitation agreementsFinancial agreements can comfort and reassure people living in or entering into de facto relationships. They are recognised and enforceable under Part VIIIAB of the Family Law Act and and the Family Court Act 1997 in WA.

These documents can save you time, money and a lot of heartache.

They have been drafted to comply with the relevent federal or state legislation and give you all the guidance you need to create a legally binding, protective de facto / cohabitation agreement.

 The easy to use Same Sex Cohabiation Agreement kits include

  • the de facto lesbian or gay male cohabitation Agreement;
  • Comprehensive User’s Guide which answers your questions;
  • Sample agreement – so you know what the completed agreement should look like;
  • Sample clauses – help you to tailor the document to your own situation – just cut and paste!;
  • Bonus Will kit because you often need to update your Will after separation;
  • Access to the Exclusive Members area which takes you through the process step-by-step;
  • Complimentary Separation Agreement Assessment – we check your draft agreement to ensure it’s ready for the lawyers and the mandatory Legal Advice. This is how we save you thousands of dollars in legal fees;
  • Access to fixed price Legal Advice so you can get your agreement certified without spending a fortune.

Important note - you will need to obtain independant legal advice to complete your financial agreementBecause Section 90UJ of the Family Law Act requires that each party to the agreement to receive independent legal advice before the same sex cohabitation agreement has any legal force, we have introduced our - Agreement Review and Legal Certification Service.


Sample Document Excerpts - Click to enlarge

Sample AgreementCohabitation Agreement Sample Excerpt 2Cohabitation Agreement Sample Excerpt 1


"Great service. Makes things easy and also gives you confidence that the agreement is legally correct. " Troy QLD

We offer De facto Cohabitation agreements for same sex couples in all states of Australia - please make you choice below - Click on the image to purchase.

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All States except Western Australia

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