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Same Sex Separation Agreement

This agreement is used whenever a gay male or lesbian couple have agreed to separate and they wish to formalise their agreement about the division of Assets, Liabilities, Property and Maintenance.

Financial agreements between same sex couples negate the need to enter costly court proceedings and extended litigation following a relationship breakdown.

When a relationship ends, reaching an amicable agreement quickly about debts, assets and property can reduce conflict and stress.

A Financial Agreement allows you to decide how to divide joint financial resources outside the court system between yourselves, which lets you relax and get on with your life.

Our Same Sex Separation Financial Agreement kit provides the framework for a compliant separation contract that will save you hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars. Not to mention the wasted time and anxiety that comes with protracted litigation.

Sitting down with your former partner now to work out what your agreement needs to achieve, before you both run off to the lawyers, will save you considerable time, money and anxiety.

You will also minimise the risk of having a lawyer draft a one-sided agreement that may fan the flames of conflict.

Many couples view financial agreements as a logical alternative to court action and a reliable exit strategy. If you’ve been living in a gay de facto relationship you can make a financial agreement under s90UD of the Family Law Act or s205ZP or the Family Court Act 1997 in Western Australia.

This comprehensive Separation Financial Agreement Kit has been drafted to comply with the appropriate legislation and provides all the guidance you need to create a legally binding, protective Same gender Separation Agreement.

5 easy steps

  • Download the kit
  • Fill out the agreement
  • Submit it for Assessment
  • get the Fixed Price Legal Advice
  • Sign the Agreement

It includes

  • The Same Sex Separation Financial Agreement template
  • A Comprehensive User’s Guide which answers your questions
  • Sample agreement – so you know what the completed agreement should look like
  • Sample clauses – help you to tailor the document to your own situation – just cut and paste!
  • A Bonus Will kit because you often need to update your Will after separation.
  • Access to the Exclusive Members area which takes you through the process step-by-step
  • Complimentary Financial Agreement Assessment –we check your draft agreement to determine whether if is suitable for our Legal Review Service. This is how we save you thousands of dollars in legal fees.
  • Access to fixed price Legal Advice (Legal Review Service $ covers both parties in most cases) so you can get your agreement certified without spending a fortune.

alt Important note: Under the Family Law Act 1975 and Family Court Act 1997 this agreement is binding only when it is signed by both parties and contains a certificate confirming that each party has obtained independent legal advice prior to signing the agreement.

Our agreement review and legal certification service is available as an option with this agreement.

Sample Separation Agreement


Purchase Information – Each Kit only $

Buy De Facto Separation Financial Agreement Gay Male 90UD Kit for all states except W.A.
Buy De Facto Separation Financial Agreement Gay Male WA 205ZP Kit for W.A.
Buy De Facto Separation Financial Agreement Lesbian 90UD Kit for all states except W.A.
Buy De Facto Separation Financial Agreement Lesbian WA 205ZP Kit for W.A.

Important – Required Legal Advice

Financial Agreements only become Legally Binding when each party has received Certified Independent Legal Advice - Click Here for More Information

Australian Law

Our Financial Agreements are drafted to comply with Australian Law

Professionally Drafted

The agreements are professionally drafted by Australian Family Law Experts

Instant Download

No Need to Wait. Download the Agreements Instantly

Easy to use

Plain English - No Legalese. Your Financial agreement is easy to use, edit and understand