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Financial Agreements Freqently Asked Questions


  1. How to protect your assets read more
  2. Will a pre existing cohabitation agreement still be valid even after you get married? read more
  3. Can you allow for future children in the agreement? read more
  4. Do you need to make another financial agreement after children are born/adopted? read more
  5. Can you change an agreement after it has been certified? read more
  6. When does a Financial Agreement come into effect? read more
  7. Do you have to pay Capital Gains Tax on property transfers? read more
  8. Who can make a Financial Agreement? read more
  9. Dealing with child support whether there are children born yet or not. read more
  10. Can you allow for different outcomes depending on who ends the relationship? read more
  11. What happens if all the assets aren't disclosed? read more
  12. We each have separate Superannuation, do we need to include in our Financial Agreement? Read More
  13. How to deal with income and expenses if one person has more than the other? read more
  14. How much detail is required when we fill out the Assets and Liabilities schedules? read more
  15. Is a phone briefing for the legal advice valid? Read More


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