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Financial Relationships During the Relationship

The beauty of a financial agreement is that it’s a private agreement between the parties, that can be made at any stage of a relationship (before, during or after) – whether it’s a de facto relationship or marriage.

When we speak of making an agreement during the relationship – it refers to making the agreement:

  • after you have already moved in together (de facto relationships) or
  • After you have married (often referred to as a postnuptial or postnup agreement) where the parties intend to stay together. For simplicity, in the case of married relationships, the postnup type of agreement is for couples who intend to stay married. This is different to a separation financial agreement that a married couple would use when their intention is to divorce – this would be an “after the relationship” type of agreement.

Financial agreements made by couples in a committed relationship deal with the practical issue of how to establish an agreed and fair distribution of shared assets and interests if the relationship breaks down.

It is common for couples to make this type of agreement in order to resolve issues in their partnership caused by disagreements over finances, assets, children, etc.

Many couples will be surprised to learn that making a financial agreement can actually promote harmony by helping one or both of the parties to feel more secure in the relationship.

The first step is choose the correct agreement for your relationship situation. For more information for you specific needs go to:

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