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Financial Relationships After the Relationship

The beauty of a financial agreements is that it's a private agreement between the parties that can be made at any stage of a relationship (before, during or after) - whether it's defacto or marriage.

When we speak of making an agreement after the relationship - it refers to making the agreement after a defacto or married relationship has broken down and you have made the decision to separate.

It is possible to make a separation agreement even if you are still living under the same roof.

Reaching an amicable separation agreement quickly about debts, assets and property offers many advantages;

  • you make your own choices
  • you significantly reduce the financial and emotional costs of taking the matter to court
  • you can ensure more open communication with your former partner increasing the likelihood of improved conflict resolution in the future
  • your ongoing relationship as parents, if you have children, is likely be more harmonious and
  • you are able to move forward with your life without the strain of ongoing court proceedings.

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