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Case Study: Separation Agreement

Julie had separated from her partner and needed to transfer her share of the family home to her. The following case study is an excerpt of a conversation that took place in December 2017.

"I had spoken to a few other people about this and they made it more complicated than it needed to be."

We just had to do a binding financial agreement. It was to sign my house over to my ex-partner to take my name off the mortgage (because I wanted to get another bank loan). We were in agreement with it so we had to get the paperwork done.

We spent about a month doing research, looked at a few different sources and their prices. My other half organised it (through) an online search on Google. We were pretty happy with it ... how they organised a solicitor for her and one for me and took a lot of stress away from finding one on your own. Talking to this one and that one.

They (RP Emery) made it as easy as they could… I had spoken to a few other people about this and they made it more complicated than it needed to be. I had spoken to a solicitor here. They made it out to be a bit more complicated and more expensive. They told me I would have to pay the money as well as my ex-partner having to pay the same amount of money. It would have been $3000 or $4000 instead of the $1500 (with RP Emery). 

The biggest problem we had was working out what numbers they wanted, what title references and stuff like that. There were so many numbers of what we needed. We worked it out in the end.

The service was quick. You were fast in putting it out and stuff like that. A few emails and a phone call to make sure everything is ok and we’re understanding it all. 

We couldn’t complain about the service. Instead of doing through locally through where you live…  you ask them about something and you’re lucky to get a phone call back.

Conversation with Julie December 2017

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