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Case Study: Separation (Marriage) Agreement

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Natalie had separated from her husband. The following case study is an excerpt of a conversation that took place in December 2017.

“We found one online that we downloaded and it was fine, it had all the details in it and then it said to take it to a lawyer and get it verified.  That’s when everything got a bit difficult.”

I was looking to create a separation agreement. I separated with my husband in August and we were looking to download something or do it as cheaply as possible. We’d agreed on everything and we just wanted to formalise it.

Originally I downloaded a blank form and filled it in myself and then gave it to my ex-husband and he took it to a lawyer who said it could cost 10 to 50 thousand dollars! Yeah, he put the wind up him. He said it cost all this (money) and he got very frightened. And (the lawyer said) I wouldn’t use an agreement that you’d downloaded and filled in and that he’d want to do my own, and then we’d want to go and fight for whatever. That wasn’t good.

My ex-husband started freaking out and I said let’s have another look online and see what else we can find.

That’s when we came across the Peaceful Path ebook on RP Emery’s website. We had a read of that and thought that that sounded like that would be easier, everything is coming from the same place, you’re not going to another lawyer and we wouldn’t have to have that whole thing where they’re trying to ramp up business for themselves or whatever they’re trying to do. I’m not sure. We had an agreement, we knew what we wanted to do, we just wanted to formalise it.

An email came through after we (downloaded the) ebook – “What happens now?” We had a bit of a browse through that together and then we decided to go ahead with the service.

There didn’t seem to be anything hidden… You buy the original agreement (and) if you wanted to do the full service, then you purchased that later (so) that was fine. So we started with the original separation agreement. That took a few weeks to fill in. Ian (from RP Emery) followed up which was great and then we felt comfortable.

The kit was clear and easy to use. There were good instructions that came along with it. We were able to open them both at the same time and look at it while we were answering questions and filling in the detail. I was able to put the information in and create the separation agreement that I needed easily.

Being able to go back to one location and then from there, go out to the lawyers or the solicitors was helpful. We didn’t have to go and find separate lawyers or anything.  It was very simple to do. It took half an hour of our time on the phone rather than having to go somewhere to see anybody.

It was simple, it was quick, we could download it, we could do it at home, we could do it without having to go out of the building to speak to anybody because we both work full-time so it was nice to just get it done quickly and easily.

I had a very good experience with it.

Conversation with Natalie Page December 2017

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